New Permit Software

The City of La Mesa has contracted with software provider MaintStar for a newlogo browser-based, data-driven land management and workflow software solution for permitting, inspection, planning, zoning, code enforcement, and other activities that centralizes and integrates all aspects of the activity lifecycles, from initiation/application through completion.

The MaintStar software solution will improve internal efficiency and facilitate seamless project workflow through enhanced, multi-departmental integration allowing all departments to track proposed projects through every step of the development process, from submission of application all the way through to issuance of a certificate of completion or occupancy. MaintStar ensures real-time access to accurate and timely building permit information, both from office and field environments, through use of browser-based, remote access features. The system will integrate with the City’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and will have electronic plan review capabilities with the included e-PlanSoft electronic plan review software.

The system includes a customer portal where customers will have the ability to perform a range of activities and make any required payments for fees or services. Customers will have the ability to submit permit applications and documents, check the status of ongoing projects, request inspections and estimate and pay fees. Those interested in development activity will be able to see where development is occurring and obtain information about that development. The implementation of the new software system has been initiated and is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year.